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The Designer Within

It’s time to tune in to your natural abilities to create by checking out some of our designer products. In fact, any of our products qualify as ‘Designer’ when you are able to tap in to your artistic side while choosing tiles for your upcoming project.

Most tiles are manufactured in a square or rectangular shape. But this doesn’t mean that this is the end game. Perhaps you need triangles or circles to add a splash of color to a more muted color scheme. Carpet tiles can be easily cut with a utility knife to any shape necessary to stand out in your space.

Checkerboard patterns are a common choice for a simple, classic look by selecting two complementing colors. Creating a border around the perimeter of the room is another way to utilize complementary colors to create a very opulent schema.

Plank carpet tiles are one of the most exciting new trends in residential and commercial flooring. Planks come in a variety of rectangular sizes. There are so many choices for installation, including one of my favorites; the herringbone pattern. Commonly used with vinyl or wood planks, this pattern can be installed with carpet tiles on a 90 degree turn or a diagonal. We carry plank carpet tiles from reputable manufacturers such as Shaw, Floorigami, Tandus, and Milliken.

Finally, carpet tiles can be used to create custom area rugs of any size and shape. This is an excellent option for leaving a beautiful hardwood floor exposed around the perimeter while adding comfort and warmth to a cold room. Carpet tiles can easily be installed for a seasonal area rug, and then stored in a compact, efficient manner.

There are endless possibilities for using carpet tiles in any application. Being able to admire your own creativity after the project is complete is very rewarding! Please don’t forget to check out our Customer Photo Gallery to view new ideas for your space.

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