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Rainbow Carpet Tile

iCarpetiles Rainbow Colors Special Offer !

Pre-Mixed Colors come in every carton for your convenience

Rainbow Carpetiles come packaged in a variety of patterns & colors. They are guaranteed to be of First Quality Material as well as to be of uniform size and thickness. All Carpetiles are packaged in Factory Fresh Cartons, so the place of origin is clearly identified.

24" x 24" pieces, 16 tiles per carton.
Enough tiles to cover a LARGE 8' x 8' area (perfect for area rugs)

19.7" x 19.7" pieces, 20 tiles per carton.
Enough tiles to cover a LARGE 6' x 9' area (perfect for area rugs)

Great for Schools, Church Activity Rooms, Day Cares, Basements, Garages, or any other Special Use Area that needs to be spruced up on a budget.

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Assorted Styles Rainbow

Tile Size: 24in X 24in
Backing: Vinyl
In Stock: 9328 Tiles, 37312 SqFt
Assorted Carpet Tile: Assorted Styles Rainbow - For Designer Color Schemes. 24in X 24in, Vinyl Backing. Sold By The Carton.
$2.50/SqFt $1.00/SqFt

Milliken Cushion Back Rainbow

Tile Size: 19.7in X 19.7in
Backing: Cushion Back
In Stock: 80 Tiles, 216 SqFt
Assorted Carpet Tile: Milliken Cushion Back Rainbow, By MillikenĀ® - For Designer Color Schemes. 19.7in X 19.7in, Cushion Backing. Sold By The Carton.
$2.70/SqFt $1.00/SqFt

Tandus Chevron Assorted Rainbow

Tile Size: 18in X 36in
Backing: Vinyl
In Stock: 216 Tiles, 972 SqFt
Assorted Carpet Tile: Tandus Chevron Assorted Rainbow, By C & A / TandusĀ® Flooring - For Designer Color Schemes. 18in X 36in, Vinyl Backing. Sold By The Carton.
$2.50/SqFt $1.00/SqFt