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Surge of home remodeling do-it-yourself projects escalates demand for durable, affordable carpet tiles



Louisville, Ky. Ė The popularity of do-it-yourself projects, fueled by low home mortgage interest rates, has been a boon to many manufacturers of home remodeling products, including, a Louisville, Ky. company that sells carpet tiles via the Internet and through their warehouse at 3320 Gilmore Industrial Blvd.

“Sales have quadrupled in the last year alone,” said Eric Johnson, president of Eric Johnson Enterprises, the parent company of

††††††††††† These arenít your fatherís carpet tiles.Originally used for both commercial as well as residential projects in the 1960ís, consumer interest waned due to a lack of interesting colors and patterns.However, with the introduction of more sophisticated and efficient manufacturing, as well as an increased emphasis in design and do-it-yourself projects, interest is growing.

“Carpet tiles are the perfect solution when you need a tough, versatile floor covering, including basements, boats, office areas, trade shows, boats and even garages,”

Johnson stated.“Because we purchase factory overstocks and materials left from large installations, weíre able to offer the best buy on commercial grade carpet tiles from leading manufacturers.”

Quality, selection and price differentiate carpet tiles from residential carpet tiles found in home improvement stores.Carpet tiles from are commercial grade quality made of heavy weight material that is extremely durable.Customers can choose from over 1,500 colors and patterns of in-stock tiles from leading manufacturers.Tiles are priced from 99 cents to $1.99 per square foot.

Tiles come in 18" x 18" or 2' x 2' squares that are adhered to floor surface by utilizing full adhesive spread, spot glue or double-face taped.Premium 100% Nylon Fiber is fused to the tough vinyl backing to eliminate edge ravel.

No special tools are required, making it easy for consumers to install the tiles themselves. A chalk line, straight edge, sharp utility knife, and some double-faced tape are all thatís needed for a professional looking job.

Damage, spots, and spills can be immediately removed by replacing with a fresh tile.Tiles can also be rotated from high traffic areas to moderate traffic areas to maximize wear and appearance retention.

How got its start

“We started our web site in 1999 because very few web sites offered the product,” said Johnson.“It became apparent that consumers couldnít find a stylish, attractive product on the Internet.There was however a lot of European sites featuring carpet tiles.
Europe, carpet tiles are a popular product for commercial as well as residential use.  Many Europeans dismantle and take their kitchen cabinets with them when they move. Carpet tiles may be moved in the same fashion. I wanted a name that described our business in one word.The name means Internet Carpetiles and thatís exactly what we provide.”

For more information, consumers can visit or call (502) 810-0233 (or toll free at 1-866-575-7738).