Calypso Enchanted Forest

Calypso Enchanted Forest

SKU: TL-Calypso-EnchantedForest

Calypso Enchanted Forest

Our new Heavy Duty Commercial Grade entrance carpet tiles provide maximum soil removal and slip resistance. Perfect for mud rooms, garages, foyers, lobbies, ramps, vestibules, & elevators. Textured course-weave 100 % Solution Dyed Nylon quickly removes soil from foot traffic before it enters your building. Preserves and protects the flooring inside your home or office.

  • Color Scheme: Blue - Greens
  • Style: Patterned
  • Tile Size: 19.7in X 19.7in (2.7 SqFt/tile)
  • Backing: Vinyl
  • Sold By The: Lot
  • Total Sq Ft In Lot: 40
  • Tiles In Lot:15
  • Ship Dimensions: 21in X 21in X 9in
  • Carton Weight: 40 lbs
  • Total Ship Weight: 30 lbs
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