TacTiles (20 pack)

TacTiles - Floating floor adhesive carpet tile connectors

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TacTiles (20 pack)

Interface FLOR TacTiles adhesive carpet tile connectors. TacTiles Carpetile connectors are specifically designed for carpet tile backing systems.  These revolutionary, glue-free adhesive squares adhere tiles to the backing at the intersection of four tiles.  They create a "floating" floor.
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No adhesive will come in contact with the subfloor.  Perfect for hardwood floors where no adhesive residue is desired.  There are no liquid components, so VOCs are virtually eliminated and there is no odor.  TacTiles connectors let you install carpet tiles almost anywhere, any time.  Designed for both wall to wall installations as well as for area rugs
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Tac-Tile™ Connectors By FLOR®

Secure Your Tiles or Multiple Mats

Simple, Quick & Easy
Click here to view TacTiles installation video. No Adhesive Residue On Your Floor.

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(per pkg of 20 Tac-Tiles)

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