Carpet Tile Manufacturing

Our Carpetiles are manufactured utilizing the highest quality materials with the most modern manufacturing methods. This assures that your new Carpetiles will be simple to install, easy to maintain and are long lasting.
Only the finest, most durable, 100% nylon fibers are selected for use in Carpetiles.

Yarn spools used in carpetile manufacturing.
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The most modern, high-speed tufting equipment is used in the construction of Carpetiles.

Carpet tile Tufting Machine
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Stringent quality assurance and quality control utilizing state of the art technology.

Carpet tile color quality control laboratory.
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Continual close inspections at all stages of production ensure a high quality Carpetile.

Carpet tile quality inspection.
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Shelves and shelves of new Carpetiles ready for immediate shipment to our clients.

Carpet tile inventory
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Your new Carpetiles carefully packed and handled on their way to your door.  

Warehouse forklift
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Thank You for choosing for your project.  We appreciate your business, and welcome your inquiries.
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