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Common Questions

Common questions regarding carpet tiles

Are your Carpetiles First Quality ?

We sell only First Quality Carpetiles.  All Carpetiles are packaged in Factory Fresh Cartons.  Their origin of manufacture, pattern, and color are clearly identified on each carton. 
Your Assurance of Quality is Guaranteed.
All Carpetiles carry a full manufacturer's 10 Year Wear Warranty. 
For additional warranty information, please call our customer response center @(866) 515-1173 .

What are the size and weight of your Carpetiles ?

Carpetiles are available in sizes ranging from 18" x 18" up to 39" x 39" squares.  Weights of each carton vary according to the size of the Carpetile, number of pieces per carton, and type of backing system.  Weights will vary from 17 - 80 lbs per carton. 
For additional information on the Carpetile you have chosen, please call our Customer Response Center @(866) 515-1173 .

What is the thickness of a Carpetile ?

Carpetiles vary in thickness depending on style/brand from 1/4" thick to 3/4" thick.  Carpetile lots are sold containing tiles of the same thickness & size dimensions.

Carpet Tile Thickness Photo

Are your Carpetiles Commercially Rated ?

All Carpetiles are thoroughly tested to conform to the latest commercial requirements concerning wearability, cleanability, as well as the appropriate Federal and State regulated testing requirements for flammability. 

For further information concerning requirements for specific uses, please consult the Carpet & Rug Institute's section: Carpet Rug Institute Research & Resources

For additional information on specifications on specific iCarpetile products, please contact our customer response center @(866) 515-1173 .

How much will 1 box of carpet tiles (54 sq/ft) cover ?

One box of 18"Carpetiles covers a 6'x9' area.  See diagram.
diagram of carpet tiles in 6x9 pattern

What are Carpetiles made of ?

Except where noted, Carpetiles are made from 100% Nylon Type 6,6 fiber and have a skid resistant vinyl backing for ease of installation.  We have recently introduced several new imported styles that utilize 100 % solution dyed polypropylene face fiber as well as our SoftStep line utilizing 100 % solution dyed polyester.  Our Chilewich tile products are made from flatweave Plynyl®, a soft, yet durable woven vinyl.  We will as always continue our research so we may offer our customers the latest technology available capturing the most desirable esthetics as well as superior performance.

Are Carpetiles Non-Allergenic ?

Carpetiles are naturally Non-Allergenic.  They are manufactured from 100% Premium Nylon Face Fiber, which is then fused on to a tough but flexible vinyl, felt or foam backing.  The Dense Low Profile Commercial Grade Construction keeps soil and dust on the surface where it may be easily vacuumed off. All Carpetiles conform to the Carpet & Rug Institute's Green Label Program.

How are Carpetiles typically installed ?

  • Loose laid in small areas
  • Our Recommended i-Stik Double Sided Carpet Tape for Do-It-Yourselfers is applied to a dust-free subfloor, not to each tile.  Just place the tape around the perimeter of your floor, (sticky side down) Then form a grid of tape across the center of your floor.  The space between the strips forming the grid may be approximately 3' to 6' apart depending upon the size of your room.  Once the tape is secure to the floor, remove the top layer of the tape exposing the other (sticky side) as you place your tiles.  It is not necessary for the tape to be under each tile.  Once the tiles are installed, the grid of tape will hold the tiles securely.
  • iCarpetiles Pressure Sensitive Adhesive for large commercial installations.  Specially formulated for removal of the tiles at a later date.  Special care must be taken when using this method.  Do not apply excessive amounts of adhesive to prevent the adhesive from oozing up on to the surface of the tiles.
  • Our latest installation product, TacTiles, are perfect for installations where tape & adhesives are not desired or a temporary "floating" floor is needed (such as area rugs).  After prepping the floor as indicated above, cut & lay the tiles in the desired positions, then, at the intersection of 4 tile corners, apply 1 TacTile to the underside connecting the 4 corners together and put back into place.  This method combines the benefits of loose laid with tape in a single, simple solution.

For additional installation information, please go to the Installation Section of our web site or call our Customer Response Center @(866) 515-1173 .

What are Tac-Tiles ?

Interface FLOR Tac-Tiles Adhesive Connectors are specifically designed for carpet tile backing systems.  These revolutionary, glue-free adhesive squares adhere tiles to the backing at the intersection of four tiles.  They create a "floating" floor.  No adhesive will come in contact with the subfloor.  Perfect for hardwood floors where no adhesive residue is desired.  There are no liquid components, so VOCs are virtually eliminated and there is no odor. 

TacTiles connectors let you install carpet tiles almost anywhere, any time.  Designed for both wall to wall installations as well as for area rugs (Tac-Tiles are AVAILABLE IN PACKS OF 20, 30, 40, & 50 Individual Tac -Tiles. 

Please see our installation video: Click Here.

Do you carry Peel & Stick Carpet Tiles ?

Our Soft Step™ carpet tiles are manufactured with a releasable self adhering non-slip attached padding.  This makes our tiles easy to remove when necessary with minimal residual tack on your subfloor.

Simply put Soft Step™ carpet tiles offer an excellent choice for areas in your home where luxury and underfoot comfort are desired.  Just peel, stick & enjoy !

Please see our installation instructions and video: Click Here.

What does the term "Quarter Turn" mean ?

Quarter turning a Carpetile means that each tile is placed and oriented 90 degrees from its surrounding tiles.  This is especially attractive in lineal patterns or Sisal type textures.  It creates a depth as well as visual interest due to a subtle change of texture in the tiles.  Any tile may be installed in this manner.  It's a matter of personal preference.  The easiest way to see the effect, is to lay out a few tiles on the floor to see which way works best for you. For our customer's convenience, we place directional arrows on the back of each tile.  This allows for easy orientation of each tile.

For additional installation information, please go to the Installation Section of our web site or call our Customer Response Center @(866) 515-1173 .

If I have to replace a soiled or damaged Carpetile with a new one, will it look different ?

We have developed a simple technique for this called "Harvesting & Refreshing"

It's simple, quick & easy.  Here's how:

  1. Remove the soiled or damaged tile.  See Step # 4 - Repairs and Replacement in the Maintenance Section of our website.
  2. Locate a Carpetile from an area under a desk or behind a piece of furniture from the original installation, that has experienced similar traffic but is located in a less conspicuous area.  Then "Harvest" (remove) that Carpetile.
  3. Replace the position occupied by the soiled or damaged Carpetile with the newly "Harvested" Carpetile.  For your convenience, each Carpetile comes marked with directional arrows imprinted on the backing.  This will allow you to place the "Harvested" Carpetile with the arrows facing in the same direction as the surrounding tiles.  In a quarter turned pattern installation, alternate the arrows as originally installed to maintain the same uniform alternated effect.
  4. Then "Refresh" (replace) the "Harvested" area with a fresh Carpetile.  Follow the same procedure as listed above for placing the "Refresh" Carpetile in its proper position.

This simple, quick, & easy procedure will allow for even distribution of wear and will create a more uniform appearance throughout the space.

For additional information on Harvesting & Refreshing please go to the Installation Section of our website.

Will I be able to see seams in my Carpetiles after they are installed ?

All Carpetiles are modular products.  Obviously, when joined together Carpetiles form seams.  The type of pattern selection and desired design is of primary importance in minimizing or accentuating the visibility of those seams.  However, accentuation of seams can produce a pleasing result with the proper planning.

There are five primary types of patterns available in Carpetiles.  Each has it's own distinct advantage in helping you make your selection one that is well suited to compliment your decor as well as your own individual taste.

  1. Solid Colors - These selections are primarily used as accent colors to define a particular area within the space, to form borders, or to create checkerboard designs.  Seams in solid color tiles are usually the most prominent of all of the types.  This can produce a positive design oriented effect with the proper planning and placement of the tiles.
  2. Subtle Tweeds - Tone on tone tweeds create subtle seams which will generally dissipate with normal traffic and regular vacuuming.  Quarter turning each tile will create a soft textural effect.  Special Arrows are placed on the back of each Carpetile so this effect is easy to achieve.  To see the arrow placement on the back of each Carpetile, click here.
  3. Multi Colored Tweeds - Multi colored tweeds can help to disguise seams with the introduction of a variety colors dispersed throughout the pattern.  This will focus the eye on the dispersal of color, as opposed to individual seams in the tiles.  These designs work well to conceal seams.
  4. Interlocking Pattern Designs - Patterns that create overall interlocking designs are the most effective means of concealing seams.  These type of patterns flow from one tile to the next and virtually eliminate visibility of seams.
  5. Linear Designs - Linear designs can be the most flexible of all, by actually incorporating seam visibility into your design.  Quarter turning sisal type textures or linear design tiles can create a very desirable design oriented effect.  To see an example of a quarter turned design effect, click here.

No matter which iCarpetiles colors or designs you have chosen, we're here to help you find something JUST FOR YOU.  Just give us a call @(866) 515-1173 and ask for (P.D.A.) Personal Design Assistance.  This is a Free Service to all.  We are committed in assisting our customers find something they will be pleased with for many years to come.

Can you install padding under Carpetiles ?

Carpetiles are designed to be laid directly to the subfloor, whether it be concrete or wood.  Padding cannot be used with Carpetiles.  Carpetiles come with their own skid resistant vinyl backing (Felt & Cushion backings also available).  Ask about our special "Cushion Backed Carpetiles" designed for underfoot comfort and shock resistance.

For additional installation information, please go to the Installation Section of our web site or call our Customer Response Center @(866) 515-1173 .

We are remodeling our basement.  Can we install your carpetiles on our basement concrete floor ?

Carpetiles may be installed over most any smooth surface.  Our Commercial Grade Carpetiles are installed in office buildings, schools, banks, hospitals, airports, & retail stores.  Most of these installations are over concrete subfloors. Carpetiles may also be installed over wood, ceramic tile, laminate or vinyl flooring as well.  Our recommended i-Stik Double Sided Carpet Tape method makes installation a breeze.

For additional installation information, please go to the Installation Section of our web site or call our Customer Response Center @(866) 515-1173 .

Can Carpetiles be installed on steps ?

Carpetiles may be installed on the (horizontal surface) stair tread as well as the (vertical surface) riser.  A metal or vinyl stair nosing may then be applied to cover the two exposed surfaces.  Carpetiles are not designed to wrap around each step.  Only to cover flat surfaces.

For additional installation information, please go to the Installation Section of our web site or call our Customer Response Center @(866) 515-1173 .

Can I use Carpetiles in damp areas ?

While it is not recommended to use any carpeting product in areas that are constantly damp, Carpetiles can be removed easily in the event of temporary flooding and can be dried out rather quickly.  When the area is dry again, they can be put right back down.  Wall to wall carpeting, under these circumstances, would have to be thoroughly vacuumed with a wet/dry vac and fan-dried.

Can Carpetiles be used outside ?

Carpetiles are designed for indoor use.  If you have a covered screened in porch, our Carpetiles work well when coupled with our Special i-Stick Double Sided Tape method.
 Using our tape installation procedure, you may temporarily remove any tiles that may have gotten wet.  Drying the Carpetiles is a simple process.  Simply remove the tile, dry it off with a cloth or paper towel, then stand it on it's side for thorough drying.  When the tile is dry, you may place it back in it's original position.  Be sure to look for the Special iCarpetiles Arrows which are imprinted on the back of each tile.  These arrows are provided to allow you to make sure your Carpetile is oriented in its proper position.  Our Carpetiles are dimensionally stable and are specifically designed to withstand water.  They are guaranteed not to curl, shrink or grow.

For additional information regarding Carpetile installation utilizing our i-Stick Tape method, please visit the Installation Section of our web site or call us @(866) 515-1173 .

We've been shopping around on the Internet and have seen some Carpetiles priced by the tile.  How much do your tiles cost per tile ?

The conversion table as shown below, explains how to easily convert the price per square foot to the price of an individual tile.  Simply multiply the price per square foot times the square footage contained in each tile.


  • 18" x 18" = 2.25 sq/ft x .99 sq/ft = $ 2.23 per tile
  • 24" x 24" = 4 sq/ft x .99 sq/ft = $ 3.96 per tile
  • 36" x 36" = 9 sq/ft x .99 sq/ft = $ 8.91 per tile

If the price per square foot is different than .99 per square foot, simply multiply the price per square foot X the applicable number of square feet contained in the tile you have chosen.

18in carpet tile square feet 24in carpet tile square feet 36in carpet tile square feet

We need some help picking out tiles that will work with our color scheme.  Can you help us find a color that will work for us ?

  • Yes we can.  Just ask for P.D.A. (PERSONAL DESIGN ASSISTANCE)
  • Our staff of friendly & knowledgeable Personal Design Assistants (P.D.A.) are here to help you.  Please see the Photo Gallery Section of our web site to view some of the unique designs our P.D.A.'s have helped our clients create.  Call us @ (866) 515-1173 for your FREE Personal Consultation.
  • We can work from photos, paint chips, fabric swatches etc.  Or you may simply give us a brief description of the space you are working with, as well as your current and or future color schemes.

This is FREE SERVICE and is available to everyone who makes a request for design assistance.  There is no obligation to purchase.  We're Here to HELP Find Something JUST FOR YOU

We have just received samples from your company and have found a color that works perfectly with our color scheme.  We will need 310 sq/ft.  On the color that we like the best, you show that you have 756 sq/ft in stock.
Do we have to purchase the entire quantity or can we buy exactly what we need ?

  • Our customers need only purchase the quantities required for their project.  There are no requirements to purchase the entire square footage displayed on our web site, or as shown in your FREE iCarpetiles sample kit.  We offer our product in full carton quantities only and can not break cartons.
  • The only exceptions to this policy are:
    1. Mini-Lots inventories.  These pre-packaged Special Buys are priced and sold per lot.  These custom packages are designed for our customers who need to cover smaller areas.  Examples of these applications would be: small bedrooms, garages, utility rooms, laundry rooms, bathrooms etc.
    2. The 5 carton minimum order (270 sq/ft) which applies to our Special iCarpetiles Rainbow Offer.
  • If you wish to purchase additional Carpetiles but don't require another full carton, we'll be happy to provide individual tiles if we have a partial box in stock.  Please ask us when you place your order.  We make every effort to provide the best possible service to our customers and will go the extra mile to ensure that you're comfortable and happy with your purchase.
  • You can be assured that our cartons have the necessary strength and stability to maintain the integrity of the edges and corners of the Carpetiles.  When You Receive Your Shipment, Your New Carpetiles will be as crisp and clean as the day they leave the factory.

If you have questions regarding measuring and estimating your Carpetile quantities, please see the Installation Section of our web site or call our Customer Response Center @(866) 515-1173 and we'll be glad to help.

We've measured our room and have selected our favorite pattern and color.  We are now ready to purchase our tile.  Should we purchase some additional tiles for waste in cutting as well as some extras for possible replacements down the road, and if so how many ?

It's a good idea to purchase some additional tiles allowing for waste in cutting as well as possible future repairs and replacements.  It's called "Locker Stock".  Based upon the square footage requirements of your project, a good rule of thumb for your "Locker Stock" should be between 3 % - 10 %.

Here are some examples:

  • 50 - 250 sq/ft = 10 %
  • 500 - 750 sq/ft = 7 %
  • 750 - 1,500 sq/ft = 5 %
  • 1,500 sq/ft and over = 3 %

These percentages may vary depending on specific traffic patterns as well as the type of area (residential or commercial) being covered.

For assistance in determining what should work Best For You, please give us a call @(866) 515-1173 .  We're here to help.

We have been thinking about using Carpet Squares in our basement and will need approx. 650 sq/ft.  We did a search for Carpet Squares and saw that some companies package their squares between 6 to 12 pieces per carton.  Based on that amount, we estimate that we would need approx. 44 cartons.  That sounds like a lot of cartons.
How many tiles come packaged in your cartons ?

  • Our 18" x 18" Commercial Grade Carpetiles are typically packaged 24 tiles per carton which equal 54 sq/ft.  The larger 24" x 24" Carpetiles are typically packaged 14 pieces per carton which equals 56 sq/ft. Other brands & sizes of tiles may have more or less tiles in a carton.  Packaging information is provided on tile product pages.
  • For your convenience, we provide a carpet tile calculator on every product page and also on our Installation Page.
  • Based on a 650 sq/ft room, you would need only 12 cartons of either the 18" x 18" or 24" x 24" size.  iCarpetiles can package more tiles per carton, because we use only commercial grade cartons specifically designed to withstand the rigors of shipping, whether it be by UPS Ground or by Commercial Trucking Co.
  • You can be assured that our cartons have the necessary strength and stability to maintain the integrity of the edges and corners of the Carpetiles.  When You Receive Your Shipment, Your New Carpetiles will be as crisp and clean as the day they leave the factory.

For additional information on packaging and shipping your Carpetiles, please call our customer response center @(866) 515-1173 .

We have searched for Carpetiles in our local stores and have not been able to find them.  Do you sell to the public ? 
Is there someplace in our area that we can we go to see the product ?

  • We ship our iCarpetile products direct to the consumer or business from our Strategically Located National Distribution Center @ 3320 Gilmore Industrial Blvd, Louisville, Ky 40213.
  • Our Distribution Center services all 50 states as well as Canada.  Shipments are serviced via UPS Ground or Commercial Carrier based on your specific requirements.
  • Our Showroom & Distribution Center is open to the public from 9:00 am - 5:30 pm Monday through Friday.  We welcome the opportunity to present the superb quality of our products, as well as the vast array of patterns and colors available.

If you are not in close proximity to our distribution center, please give us a call @(866) 515-1173 with your Color Preferences and Square Footage Requirements.  We'll be happy to Rush Your SAMPLES out to you.  There is no obligation to purchase.  We're Here to HELP YOU Find Something JUST FOR YOU.

I see that you recommend UPS as the best way to ship the Carpetiles.  Why is this ?  Is this the most economical method of shipping ?

  • We use UPS Ground Service for the convenience of our residential and small business customers.  Tracking numbers are sent immediately to your specified e-mail address as they are loaded on the UPS truck.  You may then input your tracking numbers to easily track your packages using's tracking service as shown on their website @
  • The longest typical delivery period is 4 working days following date of shipment.  Depending on your proximity to the Carpetile Distribution Center, the Carpetiles may be delivered to you either the following day or in 2-3 working days following the date of shipment.  All orders placed by 2:00 pm EST will be shipped the same day, unless a later shipping date is requested by you, our customer.  If you are at work during the day, just leave a note asking the UPS driver where you would like the cartons placed.  You won't have to take a day off from work waiting for your delivery.
  • Commercial Trucking Companies are equipped to handle pallet shipments to commercial businesses equipped with fork lifts and loading dock facilities.  They do not provide placement of individual cartons on your porch, in your garage or to your small business.
  • Commercial trucking companies typically charge additional for residential deliveries, and will usually not give a definite time of delivery.  If you are not available to unload the merchandise when it arrives, they will take the tiles back to their warehouse awaiting further instructions.  At that point, you may have to either drive to their terminal to pick up your tiles, or reschedule for another day.  Additional charges may be applied for re-deliveries.  A commercial trucking company is only obligated to place merchandise at the tail end of their truck.  Taking them off the truck and into your home or business, becomes your responsibility.
  • Whether it be by UPS Ground Service or by Commercial Carrier, we ship your Carpetiles in their Original Factory Fresh Cartons.  The Manufacturer, Style, Color Number and Color Names are clearly indicated on each box.  Your assurance of origin and quality is guaranteed.
Want to hear more?

For additional information regarding shipment of your Carpetiles, please call our Customer Response Center @(866) 515-1173 .

We welcome your inquiries and look forward to speaking with you soon.

Do you have a Catalog ?

Due to the ever changing nature of our inventories of Mini-Lots, Overstocks, Clearance, & Jumbo Tiles, it is not possible to publish a catalog.

Please give us a call @(866) 515-1173 with your Color Preferences and Square Footage requirements.  We'll be happy to send SAMPLES out to you of the actual patterns and colors from our inventory.

In this manner, you can be assured that the product and color that you are ordering is the exact product and color that you will receive.  We're Here to HELP YOU Find Something JUST FOR YOU.

What are the best prices I can get ?

Our Factory Clearance, Jumbo Tiles & Mini-Lots Category Carpetiles are typically priced from $0.99 to $1.99 per sq/ft.  Be sure to take a look at our Clearance Page as well, for excellent values as low as $.69 per sq/ft.

Our inventory of Mini-Lots, Factory Clearance and Jumbo Tiles is constantly changing, so keep checking back with us for our latest new selections.

Can I be notified of future deals ?

Absolutely.  Make sure the checkbox labeled "Notify me of future deals and discounts via email" is checked when you fill out either the support contact form or the sample request form.  You may always "opt-out" of this service at any time if you no longer wish to receive emails.

Are Your Carpet Tiles Friendly To Our Environment ?

All iCarpetiles products comply with the Carpet & Rug Institute's Green Label Standards for environmentally friendly carpets.  This is your assurance that you will be receiving products that have been Thoroughly Tested for health and safety including flammability, smoke propensity, as well as the important additional benefit of the REDUCTION OF THE PRODUCT'S ENVIRONMENTAL FOOTPRINT ON OUR EARTH. 

For further information for Residential Customers please click on

For further information for Commercial Customers please click on

The Carpet And Rug Institute

Are your Carpetiles Green ?

Yes our Carpetiles are both recyclable as well as reusable giving Carpetiles the best of both worlds.  They offer the most flexibility of any carpeting product. 

Moreover, the carpet industry addresses the "3Rs" of sustainability by recovering, reusing and recycling carpets.  With the goal of drastically reducing the amount of carpet going to landfill, the carpet industry is recycling carpet waste back into new carpet and carpet-related products and supporting markets for products made of spent carpet. 

For additional information on our Environmentally Friendly Carpetiles please click on Green Carpet Is More Than a Color

Do you carry name brand carpet tiles ?

Yes we carry top quality names such as:

Mannington Carpet Logo Lees Carpet Logo Interface Flor Carpet Logo Chilewich Logo Mohawk Carpet Logo Shaw Carpet Logo Bolon Carpet Logo 2Tec2 Flooring Logo Kraus Flooring Logo