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Carpet Tile Maintenance

Maintenance from the Start

Your new Carpetiles are an investment.  Like any other investment, routine maintenance is a necessary requirement.  With proper care, your Carpetiles will look fresh and beautiful for many years to come.  The following recommendations will help you to achieve that goal.

Preventive Maintenance

Identify sources of soiling and react to spills promptly.  Blot up all liquid spills as opposed to rubbing.  Then flush with clean water to further dilute the spill.  Repeat as necessary to further remove the liquid.  For solid materials, first remove particles carefully then follow the above procedure.

Carpet tile cleaning: blotting spill

Vacuuming & Spot Cleaning

Use a vacuum cleaner with strong suction and a beater bar brush to bring soil particles in the pile to the surface of the carpet.  This will allow the particles to then be drawn into the vacuum bag.

Carpet tile cleaning: vacuuming

Thorough Cleaning Procedures

Hot water extraction is the preferred method for cleaning your Carpetiles. No chemicals in the tank are necessary, only clean hot water.
If the spot was produced from material such as food, coke, coffee, fruit drinks, human or animal bodily fluids, use a mild acid such as plain White Vinegar.  Dilute the Vinegar by 50 % with clean cool water, then blot the spot with a clean white towel.  This method will gently break down the stain and allow the spot to then be lifted on to the towel.  Repeat as necessary.
Once the spot has been removed, thoroughly flush the area with cool water to remove any remaining vinegar solution.

Oil based spills and stains may be loosened by sparingly using a mild detergent such as Ivory Liquid.  Once the spot has been loosened, blot with a clean white towel.  Flush thoroughly, then blot any excess water from the surface.

Carpet tile cleaning: hot water rinsing

Repairs and Replacement

One of the major advantages of using Carpetiles is the ability to remove a badly soiled Carpetile and replace it with a fresh tile.  Remove the soiled tile, then replace it with a tile taken from an area not as noticeable, such as under a sofa or table.  Finally, replace that tile with a fresh one.  In this manner, the original tile that has been removed is replaced with one of similar wear.

Carpet tile maintenance: replacing tile

Need Help ?

For questions on tough stains that do not respond to the above methods, please call our Maintenance Hot Line @(866) 515-1173 to speak with one of our Trained Customer Response Coordinators.  We're here to HELP YOU find a Maintenance Solution JUST FOR YOU .

Thank You for choosing iCarpetiles for your project.  We appreciate your business and welcome your inquiries.