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Carpet Tile Advantages

Advantages of using carpet tiles

Pet Owners Rejoice !

  • Enjoy warmth and comfort underfoot without the worry of accidents permanently staining your floor.
  • Your Carpetiles may be individually removed for spot cleaning or replacement when accidents occur.
  • It's really the best of both worlds. It is one of the great advantages of Carpetiles.

Extended Life Cycle.

Carpetiles may be moved from high traffic areas to more moderate traffic areas, maximizing wearability and appearance retention. All carpet tiles carry a full manufacturers 10 year wear warranty as well as a lifetime No De-lamination, No Edge Ravel Guarantee. For additional information on our iCarpetiles warranties please visit our Learn More Page.

Ease of Access.

Easy access to floor mounted computer and electrical outlets eliminate the need to disturb the entire carpeted surface area. Conventional roll carpeting does not allow this flexibility. For additional installation information, please visit our Installation Page.

Ease of Installation.

Carpetiles may be adhered to most sub flooring surfaces by using our iCarpetiles pressure-sensitive adhesive, i-Stik double-sided carpet tape, or by using our new TacTiles method (for floating floors). Premium 100% Dupont Nylon Fiber is fused into a Tough but flexible Vinyl, Felt or Foam Backing that is 100% Guaranteed Never to ravel or De-laminate. For additional information, please visit our Installation Page.

Ease of Replacement.

Damaged or soiled Carpetiles may be easily removed by simply replacing the affected Carpetile with a fresh tile. For additional information on replacement please visit our Maintenance Page.

Design Flexibility.

The possibilities are endless. Use your imagination to create your own unique designs. Choose from the latest Designer Created patterns and colors available in our Stunning New iCarpetile Selections. For additional information on Design Possibilities please visit our Photo Gallery Page. Our iCarpetiles Personal Design Assistants are waiting for your call. We're here to HELP YOU Find Something JUST FOR YOU. For further information on this exciting new service please call us @ (866) 515-1173 .

Do It Yourself & Save Money.

No special tools required. A chalk line, straight edge, utility knife, and some of our i-Stik double-sided carpet tape is all that's required for a professional looking job. For additional installation information, please visit our Installation Page.

Easy to Maintain.

Maintenance is Simple, Quick, and Easy. Vacuum regularly, blot spots and spills as quickly as possible, then flush with cool water. It's that Easy. No special cleaning or chemical treatments required. For additional maintenance information, please visit our Maintenance Page.

Soft, Warm & Quiet.

Soft to the touch, warmer and more energy efficient than hard surface floors. Carpetiles naturally absorb and dampen noises. For additional information on iCarpetile benefits, please visit our Learn More Page.

Ease of Shipment & Receipt of Goods.

Modular Carpet shipped in a box, allows for ease of handling. Smaller quantities may be shipped via UPS Ground and delivered right to your door. Larger pallet orders may be shipped via Commercial Freight Carrier. For additional shipping information, please visit our Learn More Page or call our Customer Response Center @ (866) 515-1173.

Factory Overstocks & Clearance at Reduced Cost.

Special factory overstocks and materials from large installations available at $pecial $avings as low as .69 cents per square foot. Please call us @ (866) 515-1173 or e-mail for current inventories of available colors. For additional information on our Clearance please visit our Learn More Page.

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