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Home office, home schooling, Covid-19 vaccine

As we welcome in the New Year of 2021 and begin our resolutions, perhaps spring cleaning or home improvement projects will return to the top of the list. With the Covid-19 pandemic still disrupting our lives in many ways, we are hopeful for a swift return to normalcy as the upcoming year unfolds. However, we must also accept the reality that many businesses will continue to encourage employees to remain working from home during this time or indefinitely.

In addition to the work from home environment, parents may find that the children will continue to learn from home as well. Children and parents alike can create a comfortable space to attend to their needs, providing a perfect solution for everyone. It’s time to give that junk room or basement the makeover it has been waiting for! has many solutions for home office and home school spaces. With hundreds of selections from name brand manufacturers such as Milliken, Shaw, FLOR, and more, rest assured that you will find the floor covering you are looking for. Visit our website at and browse the Factory Clearance for commercial carpet tiles at heavily discounted prices. Plank carpet tiles offer a more unique designer look with various methods of installation. And finally, we offer Soft Step carpet squares for comfort and quality at the most competitive prices available.

This year has brought unexpected challenges, we are deeply grateful for every one of our customers for sticking by us.

We wish you the very happiest and most peaceful of holidays and look forward to a new year full of wins and successes big and small. 

Thank you for visiting and Happy New Year!

Black Friday Sale - 20% Off All Factory Clearance Items

With 2020 coming to a close and many people grateful to see what the New Year has in store, here at it is our gift to you to pass along even more savings for Black Friday weekend and the week following. This sale will become active starting Thursday, November 26 and run through Friday, December 4.

Black Friday savings will include hundreds of items from our Factory Clearance category for online purchase or in-store pickup. 20% Off will be applied to the purchase price of the carpet tile only, not including shipping costs. This offer will not be combined with other offers. Use code: BF20 to apply the 20% discount at checkout.

Order soon while supplies last! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

Thanksgiving, Black Friday & Christmas Holiday Shopping

With the Thanksgiving & Christmas holiday season soon approaching, there is no better time to freshen up your home with some new carpet tiles. As cooler weather becomes a reality in many regions, it is easy to cover cold hardwood or laminate floors with carpet tiles to offer additional comfort and warmth during the winter months.

As guests arrive at your home, they will be happy to enjoy their stay while complimenting the look of your new Soft Step Carpet Tiles. Or perhaps the family gathers in the basement for games and entertainment. Our commercial tiles from the Factory Clearance category will be the perfect option for the space.

With new items arriving every month, it is always a good time to find the best flooring product for any space from Stayed tuned for holiday deals and Black Friday specials to come or check out our Specials page for free shipping any day of the week!

Soft Step Carpet Squares - New Arrivals

They have arrived! We are introducing seven, beautiful new colors to our Soft Step collection. In collaboration with Engineered Floors, we are bringing to your home the most desirable neutrals and grays available for your bedroom, living room, or any space in need of a plush, peel and stick, cushion backed carpet tile. Our new carpet squares come in a standard 18” x 18” size. Each box contains 10 tiles and covers 22.5 square feet. They are easy to cut for installation and easy to clean or replace if necessary.

See our full line of Soft Step and request samples here: Soft Step Carpet Squares.


Color Trends for 2021

With many people working from home in 2020 and potentially continuing into the New Year, we should expect to see color trends making us feel comfortable and safe in those home/office environments. Sherwin-Williams suggests more muted, earthy tones will see a comeback. This could include browns, oranges, taupes, grays, and whites.

Blues are always desirable and have a calming effect, while greens may be gaining traction as well. Of course there will not be a one-size-fits-all approach for color schemes but we are confident in a shift toward warmer, more embracing tones.

With many directions to choose from, there will always be a large selection of carpet tiles to supplement any color scheme at What color scheme will you choose to bring you serenity in 2021?


The Designer Within

It’s time to tune in to your natural abilities to create by checking out some of our designer products. In fact, any of our products qualify as ‘Designer’ when you are able to tap in to your artistic side while choosing tiles for your upcoming project.

Most tiles are manufactured in a square or rectangular shape. But this doesn’t mean that this is the end game. Perhaps you need triangles or circles to add a splash of color to a more muted color scheme. Carpet tiles can be easily cut with a utility knife to any shape necessary to stand out in your space.

Checkerboard patterns are a common choice for a simple, classic look by selecting two complementing colors. Creating a border around the perimeter of the room is another way to utilize complementary colors to create a very opulent schema.

Plank carpet tiles are one of the most exciting new trends in residential and commercial flooring. Planks come in a variety of rectangular sizes. There are so many choices for installation, including one of my favorites; the herringbone pattern. Commonly used with vinyl or wood planks, this pattern can be installed with carpet tiles on a 90 degree turn or a diagonal. We carry plank carpet tiles from reputable manufacturers such as Shaw, Floorigami, Tandus, and Milliken.

Finally, carpet tiles can be used to create custom area rugs of any size and shape. This is an excellent option for leaving a beautiful hardwood floor exposed around the perimeter while adding comfort and warmth to a cold room. Carpet tiles can easily be installed for a seasonal area rug, and then stored in a compact, efficient manner.

There are endless possibilities for using carpet tiles in any application. Being able to admire your own creativity after the project is complete is very rewarding! Please don’t forget to check out our Customer Photo Gallery to view new ideas for your space.

Cheap Rainbow Discount Carpet Tiles & Squares

Are you on a tight budget for your next flooring project? If so, we have the perfect option for you! Rainbow carpet tiles from offer the same high quality materials at cheap, discounted prices.

Rainbow carpet tiles are a mix of several different styles and colors in each box. They come in 2’ squares, 19.7” squares, and 18” x 36” planks. Each box is created by mixing carpet tiles of the same thickness and manufacturer. Well-known brands offered include Tandus, Interface Flor, and Milliken.

Some examples of where rainbow carpet tiles are applicable include basements, playrooms, laundry rooms, and craft rooms. Please see our photo gallery here: Customer Photo Gallery for inspiration!

Don’t let these cheap prices fool you. You will love the energy you receive from your freshly covered rainbow floor. Please check availability and pricing here: Rainbow Carpet Tile .

Social Distancing

We are wishing you the best health and safety to all your friends and family during these very unusual times from all of us at We want to thank everyone for continued support as we face the current challenge. As we all do our part by wearing masks and practicing social distancing to help prevent the spread of the coronavirus, our store is still open to help you with your purchase during this time.

On a more positive note, we would like to share an example of the creativity of one of our customers as we face this pandemic. As children return to school, one teacher has decided to use carpet tiles as a tool for helping children practice social distancing. This is such a great idea for schools and day cares! Carpet tiles are available in lots of bright, exciting colors and patterns for the kids to sit on. Thank you for sharing this idea with us.

Installation Tips And Strategies

Now that you’ve received your shipment from, it’s time to gather the necessary tools and prep the area to begin installation. After your floor space is thoroughly cleaned (swept, vacuumed, or mopped), begin by finding the center point of the room. This can be done with a chalk line or a tape measure.

If installing with double sided carpet tape, you can lay the tape in either a spoke pattern or a grid. Only expose a small area of tape to install three or four carpet tiles at a time. This will keep you from getting your hands and shoes stuck to the tape. The corner of the first tile will align with one of the four corners of the center point. You can then start filling in each quadrant until the entire room is covered. When using pressure sensitive adhesive for a more permanent solution, we recommend working in smaller sections. Apply the adhesive very thin with a paint roller or trowel. Then allow the adhesive to become tacky before installing the tiles.

Cutting tiles can be the most time consuming aspect of the process if you are a beginner. Just remember to measure twice, cut once. Flip the tile over to the back side and mark the length for the cut. Lay a straight edge on the tile and light score it. Then you will be able to make the cut with your utility knife. Flip the tile back over and insert it into position. There will be some waste when making cuts and occasionally mistakes may happen. This is why we recommend 10-15% additional square footage added to complete your project and have some spare tiles for replacements.

Depending on your application, there are various ways to finish out the job. Often times, you may be able to tuck the tiles under the existing base board for a finished look. Some may prefer the appearance of a quarter round trim in addition to base. Some commercial applications use vinyl cove base for a polished look. Finally, don’t forget your transition strip when switching from carpet tile in one space to a different type of flooring in the next room.

There are many options for installation methods for carpet tiles. Carpet tiles have arrows on the back to show which direction they should be pointing. One of the most common installation techniques is the quarter turn. This is very useful for tiles with a linear pattern. Each tile will be shifted 90 degrees to create a basket weave appearance. Some tiles will be run all the same direction for a blended, seamless look. One of the hottest, designer tiles are rectangular planks. These come in various sizes and are often installed in a herringbone or chevron pattern. This pattern is very simple to follow and creates a very luxurious look in any space. Please visit our photo gallery for ideas for your project!

Now that your carpet tiles are installed and look great, it’s time to kick off those shoes and admire your handy work. Be sure to brag to all your friends about how easy it was and how much money you saved by installing the flooring by yourself! Thanks again for visiting our website and stay tuned for more tips, trends, and discounts.

Welcome to iCarpetiles

Welcome to the introductory blog! First off, we would like to thank you for visiting our website and we look forward to serving you with your current carpet tile project and other future flooring needs. We will be using this space to share information regarding new products, design and installation tips, market trends, as well as address frequently asked questions from our customers. This will also be a place to find out details about upcoming sales and when to expect arrival of new shipments.

So ‘why would I want to use carpet tiles?’ you might ask. New customers read on, the benefits are astounding. Carpet tiles not only come in a variety of sizes to suit any space, carries both Residential and Commercial options to satisfy demand for durability and comfort. Of course pet owners and parents alike can relax because you will have the ability to remove and replace that one stained tile in the middle of the floor without having to call in the cleaning experts or replacing the whole space!

Carpet tiles are a dream for all those Do-It-Yourselfers out there looking to save a few bucks on your home renovation projects. Carpet tiles install easily by starting in the center of the room and working toward the perimeter. They cut effortlessly with a utility knife and attach with double sided tape or pressure sensitive adhesive. Some even contain a self-adhesive backing!

Finally, you may also wonder ‘why should I buy from’ We have been offering quality products since 2001! We have our products in stock and ready to ship same day or next business day. So you can count on quick turnaround for that basement that needs carpet after the flood or the bedroom needing an update after the kids left for college. We have a proven record of great customer service and we will help you to find the best product for your space.

Don’t forget to check out our Specials page for heavily discounted tiles offering free shipping! We also have small lots of carpet tiles in our Mini-Lots section. These can be combined to create a designer look and cover a larger area at a discount price.

If you have any questions or need assistance, don’t hesitate to call us toll free at (866) 515-1173 or stop by our showroom in Louisville, KY.